Core(CBS) Banking

Everything starts with core

Custodian core banking solution is a wide-ranging, modular business solution that successfully addresses the banks requirements. Custodian [CBS] helps bank to face day-to-day business challenges and is a helping tool for strategizing business plans. The dynamic, flexible and parameterized nature of Custodian [CBS] suits to adapt the banks for satisfying innovative business needs. Custodian is a set of robust functional components that support a wide range of business within the banking environment.

Custodian is a result of strong and dedicated efforts of scores of man years and continues to evolve with latest technology and banking practices. It's an integrated set of core banking components designed to meet the challenges of a new banking age. Custodian is built on Open Architecture Database Systems like Oracle is totally compatible & operational in enterprise data center environments like LINUX and Microsoft Windows Advanced Server.

Today, Banks across the globe face a major challenge posed by Private and Nationalized banks. These institutions have to retain & enhance their clientele, comply with regulatory bodies & keep in pace with new technologies. This is where Custodian fits in, it enables you to counter these challenges and achieve increased productivity & improved customer satisfaction. Service Based Architecture located in the back-end of the system utilizes fully all the enhancements of high-end Technologies, thus covering all demands of new generation corporate solutions.

Our latest offering for Core Banking Solution is Custodian. Moreover the company is apt at developing frameworks, based on a service-based architecture which helps in converting a design into a strong product quickly and efficiently. This gives the company the ability to develop products and projects, which have high magnitude of complexities, large volume of data and are mission critical.

We believe in creating better opportunities for our customers, business associates and employees.